-I cannot seem to function as an adult
-is there a class on how to adult correctly?
-starting over terrifies me
-I am afraid this year is going to be a repeat of 2010. I can’t do that again.. But I’ve been having the same existential panicky thoughts I had back then before I started having…

Watch a Disney movie and know that I love you. That’s what you can do.

2 months in

I really miss my friends and my parents. I had a pretty awesome life back at home so now it’s really hard for this place to live up to those standards. Sometimes I can’t even believe I am where I am and that I’m living on my own here with no one to turn to. I feel so vulnerable and alone sometimes, but then I think I’m actually doing this and I’m ok. I wish I had an easier time meeting people and opening up. I always feel like I don’t fit in or that I’m just so different than everyone else. Which is kinda true, but I manage to make friends somehow. I just don’t feel as comfortable as I use to be. I guess the “experience” wouldn’t be the same if I was comfortable. It just would be easier.

I don’t even know

What the hell kind of blog am I going for anyways?

You literally thought

ARTPOP was a flop? Kindly bow and exult.

I try to please everyone; but sometimes, what I please pleases no one.